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About the tail of the f80v creature.

Move the mouse over the picture to see the accentuated tail, or off it.
It does look like a hairy tail...

F80v with accentuated tail:

Rotated for a better view at its head.
A pointed snout and pointed ears or horns?

Upside down for a better view at its head:

The tail is often thought to belong to animals like a lizards, pangolins, or dragons and the like.
However these tails are a natural extension of the body
The tail of f80v protrudes thin and small from its behind. Like with this Lamia:

Whereas lizard-like animals would have a tail as in the next image where I created one using the f80v creature as an example:

Four-legged Sea Monsters typically also have a tail that is about as thick as the body at the position of the hind legs.
Just like the lizards above.
Here some examples:

Four-legged Sea Mosters:

Ger Hungerink 14 June 2019.
edited 24 June 2019.